Local SEO Brisbane: How SEO Works


Google Rank

It’s an understatement to say that your company should want that top spot on Google. Whether you are trying to rank and optimize your business for local SEO Brisbane your company actually needs that top spot to clinch more customers and boost revenue.

In fact, the top-ranked result for a Google search will capture nearly 28% of clicks. The lower your website’s rank drops, the fewer visitors you’ll see. And just forget it if your site ends up on the dreaded second page, a place where only 25% of searchers will dare to venture.


Choosing the right keywords will make or break your company’s SEO strategy. For example, just searching “SEO” on Google will bring you over 700 million results. The chances that your website ranks for such a simple keyword and the visitors you draw end up being from Brisbane, Australia is slim to none.


If nobody can find your website, it’s like it doesn’t even exist. To capture locals looking for Brisbane SEO services, “SEO Brisbane Australia” is much more efficient with just under 2,000 results. The goal of SEO isn’t to toss in every keyword you can think of, but rather focus on the right keywords that bring in the right people.


To take SEO one step further, your company needs to generate backlinks from other sites. The top rank on a Google search results page will capture up to 15% more backlinks from other niche-related sites. So not only are you getting more visitors in general, but you’re also getting the help of other sites to verify your website as reputable and keep that coveted top rank.

Local SEO Brisbane | How We Ensure Success

A Full Website Audit

You don’t have to worry about us coming in and completely revamping your site right off the bat. We’re not here to get rid of all of your hard work. We’re here to turn your hard work into a masterpiece! The first thing we’ll do is take a look at where your site stands right now. We’ll perform an in-depth audit of your entire site to identify any technical, SEO, and page issues.

Competitor Analysis

Achieving that top rank on Google means surpassing your competitors. So we’ll do our research and find who your keyword competitors are in the local Brisbane, Australia area. We’ll then figure out how they’re ranking and exactly what we can do to send them packing. May the best man win when it comes to SEO Brisbane strategies.

Content Analysis

You’ve spent a little bit of your own time designing your website, but your site needs more. We’ll take a look at the type of content that you’re already hosting on your website. Our top SEO Brisbane experts will then change and even create more content to guarantee more people want to link and share. The goal is to keep your site relevant and keep visitors on your site for longer.

Keyword Research

The more specific your keywords, the more likely you draw in the right visitors to your site. We’ll do our research and figure out exactly which keywords relate best to your business. After all, you need to highlight SEO in Brisbane, not across the globe. The purpose of this is to bring in more visitors that actually end up making a purchase through your business.

Link Building

Exactly which sources are linking back to your website will either make or break your Google rank. We focus purely on white-hat techniques to capture these backlinks, so you don’t have to worry about your website actually losing credibility with poor backlinks. We’ll get you backlinks that your website can trust and is proud of.

Monitor & Track Results

Our job isn’t done as soon as your website design is complete. We’ll keep track and monitor your results with the help of digital reporting dashboard and monthly reports. SEO is always changing, so it’s great to keep track of your performance and make changes as needed to keep your business thriving.

Local SEO Brisbane

Building a Local Presence

Seeing hundreds or even thousands of new visitors on your website might be giving you false hope. But so many visitors and so few sales either means you’re drawing those who aren’t local to Brisbane, Australia or your website isn’t as user-friendly as you thought.


Your best bet is to optimize your website to target the local community and interested customers. Boosting your local presence requires a bit more than just using the right keywords and capturing backlinks from other websites.


You need to know your target audience! And you need to reach them with the best local SEO Brisbane tactics.

The Best Local SEO Brisbane Strategies

Google My Business

The problem with using simple keywords for SEO is that you might be getting visitors that are way further than Brisbane, Australia. This isn’t all that useful if you only have an in-person store or business.


And attracting the wrong visitors might bump your bounce rate and lower your Google rank for certain keywords. The last thing you want is for your SEO plan to backfire and actually hurt your business instead. That’s why you leave the local SEO Brisbane tactics to the professionals.


To capture that local crowd better than your competition, your business needs to create or claim a Google My Business profile. This is a service created by Google to help users find related local businesses in specific niches. Using local SEO for Brisbane might target keywords like, “wedding photographer in Brisbane” instead of just “photographer.”

Google Reviews

Did you know that businesses with more reviews earn greater revenue than businesses that don’t? Did you also know that a slight increase in your company’s average reviews can do wonders for generating sales?


By giving your customers a solid customer service experience, you’re much more likely to receive a good review on Google. And the higher your reviews tend to be, the greater your rank will be when searching for related services. Replying to customer reviews on Google also helps with your customer service interactions and proving your business as superior.


There’s nothing customers dislike more than not being able to get in contact with you or find your store’s location. The last thing a customer wants to do is extra legwork to find basic information. That top rank on Google means absolutely nothing if you’re accidentally sending your customers to your competitors!


You need to be sure that your NAP is accurate, which stands for name, address, and phone number. There needs to be consistency across all sources (like social media, your website, and Google My Business). The more often your business is cited accurately, the better.

Multiple Landing Pages

There’s a good chance that you’re not just targeting business in Brisbane. That means you can’t center your entire website around selling products or services in Brisbane if you also want to build a customer base in Logan City.


Multiple landing pages can help you to target different local areas without flooding your site with unnecessary keywords. You don’t want your site to look tacky and overwhelming with an influx of random keywords of different towns and cities in the area.


Instead, you want to create individual pages for all local towns and cities that you wish to target. This can also give you a little insight into where your web visitors are coming from. The more you know, the more you can optimize your site.