Elite Yoga Method

The Elite Yoga Method has been developed with a Sport Specific Focus, to ensure athletes of all levels Perfect Strength and Flexibility for their sporting passion. The Elite Yoga Programs develop athlete’s strength in key areas that aren’t developed in the Sport directly or from other cross training methods. Clare used this method of Targeted Strength in preparing the Sydney Swans for the ‘leap and land’ that is a common high-risk movement in AFL. The Elite Yoga Sport Specific programs targeted approach will also attain Postural Balance to counteract the imbalances accrued from the Sport of your passion. When Strength and Flexibility are balanced the body will be in perfect postural alignment, allowing athletes to perform at peak performance.

Perfect Postural alignment and Targeted Strength will be constructed in ways that no other type of training can achieve. This type of training works on Isolation and mind body connection along with your commitment to the process. You will feel the results immediately as you begin to understand recruitment and activation learnt during the sessions that can be taken to your passion sport and improve performance.
The Method has been developed from Yoga and Pilates fused with Clare’s Elite Career as a Professional Dancer and then Yogi (Teacher) to Elite Athletes and Trainers. The Fusion delivered by Clare will open your mind body connection through the nervous system to give future, current or past athletes an understanding of how to get the best out of there body for all aspects of life. Clare’s gift of understanding the connections of the body’s biomechanics is rare. Beyond this Clare can demonstrate every exercise in perfect form with the language of the body while communicating the action in clear speech. Start the Elite Yoga Method with a Sport Specific Program Developed by Clare for you now.